November 5, 2020 @ 9:00 pm – November 6, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
Taos, New Mexico
Mike Mahon

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in NM,
This event has been changed to a Zoom workshop.

Mastering the Landscape Workshop-Taos
with Mike Mahon in Oil and Pastel
As part of the National Juried Members Exhibition
of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico
Includes Free Instructional Videos
November 5-6, 2020

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Non-members Registration – $310
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The workshop is limited to 12, so sign up early!

Mike Mahon in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mike Mahon paints in plein air.

In this Zoom workshop, Mike will demonstrate how he uses photo enlargements and TV/Computer monitors to duplicate painting plein air. He has had a lot of experience teaching Zoom lessons. He will provide you with more content than is normally available in live workshops because of time saved transporting equipment, etc.

You will
Save the Cost of Travel & Lodging
but receive more content!

Because the workshop will be on Zoom all of it will be recorded and made available to participants. This is a major advantage that is simply not available for normal in-person workshops.

Mike will begin the workshop with a painting demonstration at which each participant will have the best seat in the house. Questions and comments will be welcome during this demo. Additional instruction will be via Zoom interactive discussions and Powerpoint lessons.

Work from some of Mike’s
Favorite Taos Reference Photos

Mike will lead the participants in paint-alongs.  He will supply each artist with the same source photos of Taos scenes from which to paint. He will paint and discuss what he is doing in 15 or 20 sessions. The artists will then duplicate what he has done. This has proved to be a very effective method to teach his systematic step-by-step painting procedure.

Workshop participants will email to Mike photos of their work in progress as well after completion. They will also be able to display their work on the Zoom call for discussion and critique. Where appropriate, private break-out session will be available for individual instruction.

Following the 2 day workshop and after the artists have had time to work further on their paintings, Mike will lead a group Zoom meeting at which he will give comprehensive critiques of the paintings. This special critique meeting will be on an agreed upon day and time a few days after the 2 day workshop. The artists will email Mike their finished work so that he can prepare his critiques. This is a much more comprehensive approach to critiques that are usually given during the last few minutes of a workshop.

Particular attention will be given to how to use the elements of a scene creatively to construct a successful painting. Mastering a painting requires the skill to edit what is not needed and accentuating the essential qualities.

Participants will receive in advance of the workshop exclusive access to the following 7 Tutorial Videos by Mike:

• Aesthetic Categories-3 videos explaining and illustrating the 7 principles Mike utilizes in his painting

• Limited Oil Palette Preparation-3 videos demonstrating how Mike prepares his limited palette for plein air.

• Plein Air Painting Tips-1 video on how to crop, measure, plan and execute on location plein air paintings

• Plus a PDF warm up lesson on pastels for beginners.

The Aesthetic Categories video explains and illustrates the 7 principles Mike utilizes in his painting. These principles take the artist through the entire painting process from start to finish and is the source of Mike’s highly acclaimed painting and teaching success.

Taos Mountain Pasture by Mike Mahon

Taos Mountain by Mike Mahon

Your ability to judge values, colors, and perspective will greatly increase and you will learn how to edit what you paint to the most essential elements for the most successful painting. You will learn how to give your studio paintings some of the spontaneity that are so appealing in plein air work.

A Systematic Painting Process

You will also be introduced to Mike’s “DiVine Setup” ©, a 7-step systematic approach to painting based on classical principles of art which are logical, learnable, memorable. This systematic process will free you to be more spontaneous, while still in control of your painting. You will learn the necessary steps and the order in which they must be used to accomplish a good painting.

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Mike will teach you how to see in “aesthetic categories”. The paintings and photos you do on location will serve as great source material for studio paintings when you return home. 

30 page workbook by Mike Mahon

30 page illustrated workbook

Each student will receive a pdf of Mikes comprehensive workbook that covers the material presented at the workshop.



Oil of Ghost Ranch, NM Mike Mahon

Ghost Ranch by Mike Mahon

Painting Northern New Mexico has always been one of Mike’s passions and there is no better location than Taos. His en plein air impressionism captures the unique qualities of of this time of year. Mike will provide copyright free photographs to use in the workshop and later.


Click below to view Mike’s time-lapse video of a landscape painting demonstration with teaching comments done at Mike’s 2018 Taos workshop. This painting received an Award of Excellence at the 2019 MasterWorks of New Mexico Juried Exhibition. 

This painting video has been compressed to only 9 minutes, but it includes Mike’s audio commentary explaining his painting process, along with helpful painting tips. You may view the video whenever and as often as you like.

After seeing the video, click hereMikes Youtube channel to subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel if you would like to see more videos as he produces them.

Your success is Mike’s goal!
“Success is where preparation meets opportunity.”
Painting en plein air is an exhilarating and pleasurable experience. However, it has unique challenges that can be overcome by proper preparation!


Plein Air Painting Workshops

  “Thank you for your encouragement and your expertise. I greatly admire your painting AND teaching skills.”  “…You are one of the hardest working artists I’ve ever known, bar none.“
Not only did you spend every minute talking us through the fine points of scaling art to fit a canvas, but you did two paintings of your own AND spent time with each of us, from the oil neophyte to the more advanced oil painters in the group.
      All of us were most appreciative of your tact, attention to detail, and desire for us to do the best paintings we were capable of producing in 3 days…
     You don’t pull your punches. If a painting has elements that are not well done, you say so, and work with the artist to make improvements. I have been distressed in past workshops or in critique meetings when no real critique was provided, other than the false critique of gushy flattery…
     Thank you for your encouragement and your expertise. I greatly admire your painting AND teaching skills.” [capitalization emphasis is not Mike’s]
Martha Wofford, Ph. D. Dalhart, TX
    “Mike, you have a great teaching persona.“
“Mike, you have a great teaching persona.  I think you have given me some great insights in to how my students feel!  And I think I’ve learned some good things to pass on to my students!
Deb Wheeler, art teacher, Andrews, TX
    “I have learned more this week than I have in all the other workshops I have taken this year – combined!”
“Being a novice, the step-by-step process has given me a solid foundation on which to build any work in any medium that I may choose.  I have learned more this week than I have in all the other workshops I have taken this year – combined!”
Joy Russo, Hot Springs, Ark.

Mastering the Landscape Workshop-
Plein Air Painting Taos Landscapes.

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