June 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am – June 23, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Amarillo, TX
3701 Plains Blvd #117
Amarillo, TX 79102
Mike Mahon

Learning to

Think & Paint in Aesthetic Categories 

 Amarillo Art Institute
Amarillo, Texas

June 21-23, 2018
Reception/Demo Painting • June 20, 6:00-8:30pm 

Be prepared for an intense learning experience. Mike teaches his process rather than a technique, and students consistently rave over their results. This workshop is beginner & intermediate friendly, but because of his unique and thorough presentation of classic painting principles, it will be a challenging time even for experienced painters. Oil, pastel, and acrylic mediums are welcome. Amarillo Artists, 

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This workshop will include at least two Paint-A-Longs in which Mike will supply each student with a photo identical to the one he is using. Mike will demonstrate his step-by-step painting process, stopping at each step to allow students to reproduce what they have just seen him paint. He has found that this is the fastest and most effective way to build confidence while learning his painting method. He will demonstrate in both pastel and oil, but at different times.

A Systematic Painting ProcessReachin for Sky Landscape Mike Mahon

Mike’s emphasis at this workshop will be on how to think in “Aesthetic Categories™” and to utilize his unique step-by-step painting process. Mastering the Aesthetic Categories allows an artist to better select the scenes to paint and to self critique his/her process during the painting.

The workshop will include a PowerPoint presentation, several painting demonstrations, and an extensive workbook for each person. Mike will video his painting demonstration and opening lecture concerning the aesthetic categories, which are necessary to every good painting, and make his video of the demonstrations available to every student.

Mike’s demonstration will focus on how to maintain control and unity of his subject matter, and achieve a feeling of loose spontaneity. He is one of those rare artists who can speak while he paints describing what he is doing and why!

Is this true for you?

Do you regularly start a painting and then quickly feel lost?

Do you get to that stage when the painting looks nothing like you envisioned?

Does the whole painting process seem frustrating too often?

Is it only the very last minutes of the painting that you are really enjoying yourself, if then?

Do you struggle with knowing how to analyze or critique your own work so that you know how to fix problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely to burn out or give up painting for long periods of time.

These were Mike’s struggles also early in his career until he developed his systematic approach to painting. Learning how to see and think in Aesthetic Categories™ along with Mike’s step-by-step painting procedure can revolutionize your painting experience. The goal of this workshop is to help you reach your true potential as an artist. It is only as you develop control over the painting process that you are able to experience spontaneity and looseness.

Mike will not only teach you the steps he uses, but will teach you the precise order and importance of each step. If something doesn’t seem to be going right in a painting, you can usually retrace your steps to see where you got out of the correct sequence or poorly executed a step.

The beauty of this process is that you should be able to determine if the painting is going to be a success before you even begin or at least in the early stage of your painting. Imagine how much more enjoyable your painting experience would be if from the beginning you could be confident of success! 

Scoring a scene before you paint.

If you are considering several photos or plein air scenes to paint, you can make your decision based on Mike’s seven point system. If among the scenes you like, one scores a 3 and the other a 5, you simply paint the one with the higher score. The secret is to know how to analyze what you want to paint. You should not waste your time and increase your frustration level by painting a scene that is set up to fail. His system is easy to remember, understand, and apply. 
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Click the “Register” button above and you will be taken to the Amarillo Art Institute website. The workshop fee is $350 for members and $400.00 for non-members. A $100 deposit will reserve a spot in the workshop. Your registration fee includes a workbook and exclusive videos.


Mike Mahon Discusses Demo painting

Mike Mahon discusses Demo procedure

Amarillo Art Institute • 3701-Plains Blvd, Amarillo, Texas
Sunset Center Mall Amarillo #121 • 806-354-8802


Wednesday, June 20 – 6:00-8:30 Reception/Demo

Thursday – June 21 – 9am – 4pm – Aesthetic Categories presentation, review painting procedures and materials, Paint-Along-with-Mike in pastel or oil from a photo supplied by Mike.

Friday – June 22 – 9am – 4pm – Paint-Along-with-Mike in pastel or oil from a photo supplied by Mike, begin painting from student’s own photo.

Saturday – June 23 – 9am – 3pm – Student’s paint from their own photo; 3pm – 4pm – Class critique

Mike Mahon gives oil painting demonstration

Mike Mahon gives oil painting demonstration

Please plan on attending the special 6:00 pm reception/demonstraton the evening of June 20, at the Amarillo Art Institute.

Click here to view Mike’s time-lapse video of a landscape painting demonstration.

 It has been compressed to only 17 minutes, but includes Mike’s audio commentary explaining his painting process along with helpful painting tips. You may view the video whenever and as often as you like. After seeing the video, click here to subscribe to Mike’s Youtube channel if you would like to see more videos as he produces them.[/button]Amarillo Art Institute registration for-Aesthetic Categories-Mike Mahon
This Art Workshop in Amarillo, Texas, welcomes oil, pastel, and acrylic mediums. However, Mike recommends that the students limit themselves to one medium.

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