July 22, 2020 @ 9:00 am – July 24, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
Palette Club-Midland, Texas
907 W. Wadley Ave
Dee Kemp
‭(432) 599-0566‬

Ghost Ranch Vista Landscape Mike Mahon

Mastering the Painting Process
April 22-24, 2020
July 22-24, 2020
The Palette Club
Midland, Texas



Mike Mahon will teach a 3 day workshop
for Pastel, Oil, and Acrylic Mediums
(Demonstrations will be in Oil and Pastel)

$395.00 early registration
After June 30 – $450.00

Pre-workshop Artist Reception and Show has been cancelled

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Be prepared for an intense learning experience. Mike teaches a process rather than a technique, and students consistently rave over their results. This workshop is beginner & intermediate friendly, but because of his unique and thorough presentation of classic painting principles, it will be challenging even for experienced painters. His process applies to all types of painting mediums.

Video Instruction & Review 

Prior to the workshop, Mike will provide students with the following:
1. Exclusive access to a one hour video on his 7 principle
s of painting.

2. Exclusive access to a 3 part video on how Mike prepares his limited palette for oil painting.

3. A PDF pastel painting lesson for beginners and suggestions on organizing pastels prior to the workshop.

Other video demonstration paintings and paint-alongs by Mike will be made available exclusively to the students following the workshop.  This additional resource will help you relive and review your workshop experience for years to come. Too often participants in workshops and seminars fail to retain much of what they were exposed to. Mike provides these additional material to help make the workshop a lasting and valuable experience.

Mikes Youtube channel

Mikes Channel

Teaching Approach

Chama Escarpment by Mike Mahon – Best of Show, Santa Fe, Plein Air Festival National Show

Mike has had great success using Paint-Alongs to teach his painting process. The more controlled step-by-step procedure of a paint-along is very encouraging to those who want to master the seemingly contradictory qualities of control and spontaneity. You will learn how to think in Aesthetic Categories which form the foundation of all forms of art.



Timeles San Miguel-Landscape-Paintings-Pastel

Painting Process Workshop Schedule
1st Day

Mike will begin with an introductory PowerPoint presentation explaining painting principles and procedures necessary for successful painting, a question and answer session, and then will do a painting demonstration showing the principles he has explained.

pastel Demonstration by Mike Mahon

Pastel Landscape Demonstration by Mike Mahon

After lunch, Mike will review your supplies and equipment and help you set up for a paint-along. He will hand out landscape pictures for each student that are identical to the one he will be using.

Mike will demonstrate his step-by-step painting process, stopping at each step to allow you to reproduce what you have just seen him paint. He has found that this is the fastest and most effective way to build confidence while learning his painting method.

Mike Mahon teaches plein air workshop

Schedule – 2nd
and 3rd Day

On the second day, Mike will briefly review the material he has taught and have a short Powerpoint teaching session. By the afternoon you will begin working on scenes from your own photo references.

Schedule – 3-4th Day

Everyone will work on paintings done from their own source material. Mike will work with each artist to determine how to choose the best photo and how to crop it. Throughout the workshop, he will have short lectures or presentations on measuring techniques and other technical issues.

At the end of the 3rd day, there will be a comprehensive class critique of all the work produced during the workshop. Many artists consider this one of the most useful sessions of the workshop experience.

Pastel by Mike Mahon

Arroyo Chamisa – 18×24 Pastel by Mike Mahon

Throughout this week, your ability to judge values, colors, and perspective will greatly increase and you will learn how to edit what you paint to the most essential elements for the most successful painting.

A Systematic Painting Process 

You will also be introduced to Mike’s “Aesthetic Categories” ©, a 7-step systematic approach to painting based on classical principles of art which are logical, learnable, and memorable. This systematic process will free you to be more spontaneous, while still in control of your painting. You will learn the necessary steps and the order in which they must be used to accomplish a good painting. Developing a repeatable and systematic painting process is essential to mastering your painting skills. Once mastered, you can experiment in a meaningful and productive manner instead of depending on simple trial and error.

30 page workbook by Mike Mahon

30 page illustrated workbook

Each student will receive a newly edited and updated workbook that covers the material presented at the workshop.



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Mikes Youtube channel

Click for Mikes Youtube Channel

Your success is Mike’s goal!
“Success is where preparation meets opportunity.”


     “…You are one of the hardest working artists I’ve ever known, bar none.
Not only did you spend every minute talking us through the fine points of scaling art to fit a canvas, but you did two paintings of your own AND spent time with each of us, from the oil neophyte to the more advanced oil painters in the group.
      All of us were most appreciative of your tact, attention to detail, and desire for us to do the best paintings we were capable of producing in 3 days…
     You don’t pull your punches. If a painting has elements that are not well done, you say so, and work with the artist to make improvements. I have been distressed in past workshops or in critique meetings when no real critique was provided, other than the false critique of gushy flattery…
     Thank you for your encouragement and your expertise. I greatly admire your painting AND teaching skills.” [capitalization emphasis is not mine]
Martha Wofford, PhD., Dalhart, TX
     “Mike, you have a great teaching persona.  I think you have given me some great insights in to how my students feel!  And I think I’ve learned some good things to pass on to my students!
Deb Wheeler, art teacher, Andrews, TX
     “Being a novice, the step-by-step process has given me a solid foundation on which to build any work in any medium that I may choose.  I have learned more this week than I have in all the other workshops I have taken this year – combined!”
Joy Russo, Hot Springs, Ark.

Mastering the Painting Process
July 22-24, 2020
The Palette Club
of Midland, Texas

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