“Painting the colors, light, and feel of the Southwest”


Mike Mahon holds numerous workshops throughout the country year-round. Each session covers such topics as painting in oils, pastels and acrylics. Mike teaches 3 basic workshops – Mastering the Painting Process, Portrait Painting, and Plein Air Painting. Of course he is happy to customize his workshop for particular needs. His workshops focusing on the Santa Fe Plaza and historic Canyon Road and Taos landscapes are popular annual events.


Oil & Pastel Paintings

Mike Mahon has been an artist for more than 40 years, putting paint to canvas in vivid and vibrant styles to capture the people and places of the American Southwest.His colorful oil and pastel paintings have captured the luscious hues of the greater Texas, New Mexico and Santa Fe area, including the rivers, mountains and plains throughout the region. Many of his works, including representative samples and award-winning works, can be seen here.

Portraits are Mahon’s specialty. He offers individual, children and family sessions from his Santa Fe studio. While works can be done from photos, on-site sessions are available.


DEMO: High Road to Taos Vista pastel landscape painting

Landscape pastel painting demo by Santa Fe Artist, Mike Mahon serves as tutorial on landscape using pastel colors to their best effect. Landscape Painting Demonstrations Mike Mahon hosts demonstrations on a wide variety of topics during his workshops to help aspiring...

What is Pastel?

Pastel is the most permanent of all media when applied to conservation ground and properly framed. Pastel has no liquid binder that may cause it to oxidize with the passage of time as oftentimes happens with other media. Infinite Possibilities with Pastel Art In this...

How Did They Paint That?

what interests me I don’t always have something to say, nor am I always inspired. Painting is enough of a struggle without the added burden of making a statement. Thus, I let the subject speak to me, and I simply serve as the editor and interpreter for my...


Mike Mahon

Mike Mahon

Southwest Art

Mike Mahon holds art workshops throughout the year in the Santa Fe and New Mexico region as well as other select domestic and foreign locations. His signature DiVine SETUP systematic painting and critiquing process helps artists young and old to remember a step-by-step process to work through any problems or blocks, and helps them get from blank canvas to a finished piece they can be proud of, no matter the medium. Mike Mahon is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), the American Plains Artists (APA), and the the Pastel Society of New Mexico (PSNM) and the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico (PAPNM). 


Mike's Home/Studio

6961 Golden Mesa,
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

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Home/Studio: 505-473-1098
Cell: 505-795-4639

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